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Creating Search Folders


Creating Search Folders


Search folders will search your entire mailbox (Inbox, sent items, deleted items and all other folders) to display results of all items that fit the search criteria. Search folders, also known as Smart Mailboxes, are updated in real time. These folders show messages that meet the search criteria but the messages remain stored in their original location. When you delete a Search Folder, the e-mail messages shown in the Search Folder are not deleted, because those items are never saved, only viewed, in a Search Folder. However, if you open or select one or more e-mail messages shown in a Search Folder and delete the e-mail messages, the messages will be deleted from the Outlook folder where they are stored.  

Outlook 2013


1. Open Outlook 


2. Click the Folder ribbon and click New Search Folder in the New group


3. Choose an option available, or click Create a custom Search Folder  

4. If creating a custom search folder, click the Choose button.

Otherwise click OK and end here. 

5. Click Criteria followed by the options that you want. 



      a. The Messages tab contains criteria on the message content and sender/recipient and keywords  

      b. The More Choices tab contains criteria of additional message conditions including importance, flags, attachments and categories

      c. The Advanced tab allows you to specify one or more detailed field criteria within messages and Documents.   

6. The newly created search folder will appear under Search Folders 


Mac Mail

Save a search by using a Smart Folder Outlook 2011   
Save a search by using a Smart Folder Outlook 2016   


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