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Course Evaluations: Adding and Removing Questions



How to Add Your Own Questions to Your Course Survey(s)

Instructors have the ability to add an additional six (6) questions to the pre-created course evaluation survey through the EvalCenter within the system. In addition, the EvalCenter allows the instructor to preview survey(s), edit the six questions created, look at the number of responses, start/end date of the survey, add questions, and review results. The results of the additional six questions will be visible to only the instructor. 

Accessing Your Course Evaluation Survey(s)

  1. An email will be sent each semester indicating that questions can be added to the course evaluation survey.
    • Note: The timing of the email is based on how long the course runs and how soon the course evaluation will appear.  
  2. Within the email, click the link that is provided to automatically log in  to the EvalCenter.

Adding Questions to Evaluations


Note: Questions can only be added to the course evaluation survey at certain times during the semester.   Look for an email from MC3 Evaluations when you can add the questionsIn addition, after the open time frame to add questions has expired, the questions within the course will be visible automatically to the students.   

  1. From the EvalCenter page, identify which class will have the additional questions added. 

  2. Next to the course, click the Add Q’s text. 
  3. In the new window, click the Add Questionsbutton.
    • Note:If there are questions already created previously, this screen will not appear.  See add additional questions section of this documentation.
  4. From the drop down menu next to I want to see, change or add:  select how the question to be added by either this  semester, every semester, every class.

  5. To begin adding questions to the survey, click Edit
    • Note: In this window, you will select the question type, add the question text, and determine the answer choice.  
  6. Next to Choose a question type to add or create: click the drop down menu to select the desired question type.
    • Text: creates a text box for the student’s to add free response(s) to the question.
    • Single choice: permits students to select only one answer choice and allows for average calculation.
    • Multiple choice: no average is reported.  Students can only select one answer and it is often used for “Yes/No” questions..
    • Other: this option allows you to create a header for a particular page OR insert a page break.
  7. Under Create a new question: type a short version of the question that will only appear on the instructors report. 
  8. Under Full question text, type the full question that will appear to the students.


    Short question text: Did you use e-textbook for homework

    Full question: Did you use your e-textbook to complete your homework assignments?


    (Note: Yes/No option was selected for Answer choices.)

    Note: Short question text is limited to 80 characters and Full question has no limit to the number of characters.

    Note: Short question text is what appears on the final report.  Make sure you can understand what the overall question was for future reference.


  9. Under Answer choices: select the answer type to correspond to the question
    • Note:The Course Evaluation Survey is based on Ascend Str. Agree (5) to Str. Disagree (1)…

    • Note:Next to Answer Choice, there is an option to change the default answer from No Preselected Answer to another default answer.

      Note:Steps 10 -11 are very important in the saving process.   If not completed in the order provided below, the question will not be saved nor added to the survey.

  10. When finished, click either Create question OR create question and add formatting.

    • The Create question button provides the ability to add the next question without having to go back to the main screen.
    • The Create question and add formatting provides the ability to add follow up questions, change the font, add images, etc.  (See Create question and add formatting information below for steps on how to add a question)
  11. When finished adding all questions, at the top of the screen, click the “I’m done adding questions”button. 

Note: This will take you to the Manage Questions page. From the Manage question page, you have the option to add question follow-ups, choose question(s) the student is required to answer, preview questions, reorder questions, add or remove questions, and edit existing questions.  From this view, follow up questions that correspond to a particular response given to a certain question can be added.  


Add Question Follow-ups from Manage Questions page


  1. Under Answer Type, click add follow-ups.
  2. Select what response will be required as a follow up by clicking Add Follow-up.

    • Note: Adding the question follow-up is similar to creating a question.

Add Question Follow-ups through Create question and add formatting button

  1. Click the Create question and add formatting button.
  2. Scroll down past the Answer Choice area and click Add Follow-upquestion for either Yes and/ or No. 
    • Note: Add the question follow up similar to creating a question.  However, you must click the Save question button when finished this area.


Required Question(s)

  1. From the Manage Question page, click the Choose required Qs button.

  2. Click the check box next to the required question.
  3. When finished, click the Save all changes button.


Preview Question(s)                                                                                                                                                  

Note: When in the Preview mode, you will see a “Submit” button.                                                                         

This view is to provide you the view the students would see, no additional submitting is required.  

  1. To see how the question will appear to the students, click Preview from the Manage Questions page.

  2. A new window or tab will appear showing the entire survey.
  3. When finished, close out of the window or tab.


Remove Question(s)

Note: Instructors will not be able to delete the standard questions.  However, there are two ways to remove personally created question(s) from the course survey.   

Option 1: Remove multiple questions

  1. From the Manage Question page, click the Remove Questions button.
  2. Next to the question(s) that need to be removed, click the check box(es).
  3. When finished, click the Remove Selected Questions button.  

Option 2: Remove a single question

  1. From the Manage Question page, click the red x next to the question.


Note: If a question has been removed, the question can be added back through the “add question” feature.  The question is stored in the teachers account and will appear at the bottom of the Add Question page.  In addition, if teaching multiple courses, the instructor can add the existing question after clicking “Add Question”.   

Add Additional Questions

  1. To add questions, click the green + 

Add from Existing Question Pool


  1. From within the EvalCenter, select which class the question will be added to.  
  2. Next to the course, click the Add Q’s text. 

  3. In the new window, click the Add Questions button.
  4. Scroll down on the page and click the check box next to the question(s) that needs to be added to the survey. 
  5. When finished, click the Add selected question button. 


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