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Correcting Missed Punches


Correcting Missed Punches

  1. Locate any items marked as <<Missed punch>> in either Individual or Group Hours
  2. Right-click on the appropriate entry
  3. Select Edit Hours
  4. Click in any time or date field to edit date and/or time of clock in or out
  5. Check Edit actual timeto view or edit the exact time
    • Employee's time will still be rounded to the nearest quarter hour
  6. The  checkboxes will automatically be checked if a punch was missed. You may manually uncheck either of these boxes if desired. 
    • It is recommended these checkboxes are manually unchecked only in cases of system error, or inability to clock in/out as determined by supervisor.
  7. Click save when done.

Entering a Missed In Punch while employee is still clocked in

  1. Go to Hours > Individual Hours
  2. Select the appropriate employee
  3. Click Add
  4. Check 'Individual is clocked in' and 'Missed in punch'
    • Add Hours

  5. Enter the appropriate Time in
  6. Click  Save
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