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Connecting to the College’s Wireless Network



Connecting to the College’s Wireless Network

The College's MC3Guest wireless network can be used by anyone, but is designed for guests. Once connected to the MC3Guest network, you will be guided through a registration process that requires either text message or email verification. Guests of the College will remain on the MC3Guest network. Students, faculty, and staff will automatically connect to the secure MC3Secure network.

Please note these instructions are specific to a Windows laptop. Click here for connecting other devices. 


1. Select MC3Guest from the list of wireless networks on your device.

2. Click on the notification or open your  web browser to begin registration  

3. Select the appropriate option.  If you are a member of the College, choose the second option to get connected to our secure MC3Secure network. Otherwise, click  Guest login and follow the steps below.   

4. Read each option carefully and ensure your device meets the security specifications.  Feel free to click on any of the links for more information.  Note that if your device is found to be violating any of these security practices it may be removed from our network.  Once you have ensured all of these things and checked the checkboxes, click  Submit  

5. Choose how you would like to receive your verification code.  Please note that you will need to access to either your phone or your email in order to complete registration.  

If you choose email registration, you will be given a brief period of Internet access to sign into your email and click on the activation link.  



For  Text Message Registration , follow these steps:

(Scroll down to view the Email Registration steps)

6. Read the terms.  In order to continue, please accept them.   
7. Enter your information. This is the phone number a verification code will be sent to via a text message.  You will need to access the code before you will be able to access the internet.  
8. Enter the verification code that was sent to you as a text message.   
9. After a brief period of time, you will be connected to the Internet and redirected to  

For  Email Registration , follow these steps:

6. Read the terms.  In order to continue, please accept them.   
7. Enter your information. This is the email address an activation link will be sent to.  You will need to click on the activation link on the mobile device you are using in order to obtain network access.   
 9. After a brief period of time, you will be connected and redirected to   
10.  Go to your email and click on the Activate your network access link.  You will then be connected to the Internet.

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