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Colleague Keyboard Shortcuts


Colleague Keyboard Shortcuts

This article will show you the most common keyboard shortcuts that are available when using Colleague.


Colleague Feature Shortcuts

Process  Keyboard Shortcut
Toggle between Person and Form search in the Search Box Ctrl + Alt + S
Exit/Logout Ctrl + Alt + L
Close an open dialog box (and return to the Search Box) Esc
Move to the next focus spot Tab
Move to the previous focus spot Shift + Tab



Colleague Form Shortcuts

Process Keyboard Shortcut
Move to the next field Tab
Move to the previous field Shift + Tab
Select the highlighted value in the drop-down list Enter
Detail F2
Save current form F9
Save all open forms Ctrl + Shift + F9 (Shift + F9 is not available in Firefox)
Cancel from current form F8 or Ctrl + Alt + End
Cancel from all forms Ctrl + Shift + F8 (Shift + F8 is not available in Firefox)
Print active form Ctrl + Alt + P
Move to the next page of results PageDown
Move to the previous page of results  PageUp
Record Delete (if allowed) Ctrl + Alt + Z




Full List of Colleague Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Open Colleague.  
2. Click the ? from the left navigation menu. Then click List Keyboard Shortcuts.




3. A pop-up window will appear with the full list of keyboard shortcuts.   
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