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Budget Module Overview


Budget Module Overview


This article will provide you with a brief overview of the Budget module in Self-Service. Learn how to login and navigate the system.


1. Login to the portal.




2. Click the Self Service icon.


Self-Service icon in the MCCC portal


3. On the left-navigation menu locate and click the Daily Work icon, which looks like a briefcase.


Daily Work icon which looks like a suitcase


4. A drop down menu will appear. Click Financial Management. Then click Budget. Your Budget is where you will see your Cost Centers. It may take a few seconds to load based on how many Cost Centers you have access to.


*Note: Clicking Financial Management Overview will take you to the Budget, but with added steps. It is recommended that you click Budget to avoid the added steps.

Using the left navigation menu click the Budget link



5. You will now see all of the Cost Centers/General Ledgers (GL) that you have access to. You will see the following columns:

  • Budgeted Expenses
  • Actuals and Encumbrances
  • Remaining Expenses
  • % Spent
  • Financial Health
    • Green Checkmark: On track
    • Yellow Caution Sign: Caution
    • Red Exclamation Point: At risk




Cost Center shows all GLs in default list format



6. You can change from the 'My Cost Centers' to the 'Object View' to see a breakdown of your budget by types including Revenue, Expense, Asset, and Liability

Object View

7. Click a specific item in your Cost Center to view more information about that item. 



Click specific items in the Cost Center to view them further




8. Use the "breadcrumb trail" to go back to your Cost Centers.



Breadcrumb trail in the Budget Module in Self Service


9. Use the first drop down menu in the upper right corner to change the Fiscal Year of the GL that you a viewing.


Change the fiscal year using the drop down menu in the upper right corner



10. Use the second and third icons to change how you View the GL. 


Bar Graph View - Bar Graph view looks like a grid. 

List View - List view looks like 3 lines in an order 


11. Use the Export feature to export the content as a CSV file that you can save to your computer and manipulate in Excel.


Export GL as CSV that you can manipulate in Excel


12. Use the Filter feature to filter specify what you want to view.


Filter icon allows you to funnel out certain information


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