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Blackboard New Semester Checklist

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Getting Ready for the Next Semester Checklist


This document is a checklist of items that the Training Team recommends faculty do each semester to help create a smooth transition from one semester to another.  For documentation on how to complete any of the tasks listed below, go to the MCCC portal page >  Help Desk button  Training tab Blackboard folder.




Perform Course Copy

It is recommended that you do not select the following during course copy:

  • Announcements
  • Syllabus
  • Student Support Services and College Information - Technical Help Desk


Important Considerations

  • If you see a green bar across the top saying “Success: Course copy action queued…” the course copy is in progress. Course copy can  take several minutes to hours depending on the amount of content  in the course and where your course is in the course copy  queue. For example, if another instructor copied their course, then that course will finish the copy process before your course will begin copying. You will receive an email when the process is complete.
  • If you teach multiple sections of the same course, course copy to one of the new sections from the previous semester and perform all remaining tasks located below.  Then, copy the new section where these tasks were completed to your other new sections.  


Located below is a checklist broken up into roughly 30 minute segments. 




Delete any outdated course materials


Documents (Word, PDFs)


Presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.)


Videos (YouTube, NBC Learn, Films on Demand, Camtasia Relays)


Web links


Wikis and/or Blogs (Delete or recycle as applicable)




Assessments (Including any Assignments or Tests)


Delete old content from course Files (Control Panel Files) 


Delete old files you no longer need


NOTE: It is recommended that you contact for assistance with this task. 


Clean Discussion Board


Delete forums no longer needed


Delete threads from previous semester in the forums you want to keep


Adjust forum settings for the forums you want to keep


Ensure key discussion board forums are made available


Create any new forums






Upload new syllabus in the Syllabus link on the course menu


Check the name of the course to make sure it matches information on the Syllabus


Check holidays and breaks to see when they occur during the semester 


Ensure all college policies are included, and kept up to date


Ensure contact information is updated


Edit contact information in “Contact Your Instructor” (if applicable)





Create then upload any new course materials


Documents (Word, PDFs)


Presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.)


Videos (YouTube, NBC Learn, Films on Demand, Camtasia Relays)


Web links


Wikis and/or Blogs




Assessments (Including any Assignments or Tests)


Check to make sure all hyperlinks, Course Links, and Web Links, still work


Edit and update any broken or missing hyperlinks


Make sure all videos (YouTube, NBC Learn, Cam Relay, & Films on Demand) play


Remove any missing video files 


Adjust timeframes based on new course schedule (Display After/Display Until)


Availability for folders in Course Materials (e.g., weekly, units, chapters, modules)


Assessment availability (Including Assignments and Tests)


Discussion Board availability


Wiki and/or Blog availability


Journal availability





Adjust Calendar dates (Due Dates) based on new course schedule


Adjust due dates on all assessments to reflect current semester


Clean Grade Center


Delete redundant “Total” and “Weighted Total” columns.


Set appropriate column as external grade (e.g., Total or Weighted Total)


Add any additional columns for assessments (if applicable)


Delete duplicate categories (if weight by category)


Edit the “Weighted Total” column to verify or add correct weights (if applicable)


Turn on Blackboard Analytics


Turn on Blackboard Analytics for Faculty and Students


Add Tool Link Course Analytics (Student Reports) to the menu








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