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Blackboard Course Copy


Blackboard Course Copy

The Course Copy feature of Blackboard enables you to copy content from one course to another. Course Copy will add content to a course, but it will not remove existing content. It just adds to whatever content already exists there in the new Destination course.

Any changes made after the course copy will not be reflected in both the original or new course.

Note: If you receive the Copy Complete email even though the content is not in the Destination, please wait a little more time and then check your course again.


1. Log into Blackboard and go into the course that you want to copy materials from. 















2. Click Packages and Utilities under Control Panel then click Course Copy

Make sure that next to Select Copy Type, it says Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.

Note: The Destination course must already exist for materials to be copied into it. 


Click the Browse button. 

A pop-up window will appear where you can select the new course. Click the radio button (circle).

Note: If you do not see the course listed scroll to the bottom of the pop-up window to check for additional pages of course listings.


Click the Submit button.  

Note: The Destination Course ID field will populate with the course you selected.


To make sure you copy everything, check the Select All button. 

Note: You can remove what you do not want in the new course during your course clean up.



Below is some additional information on the items you can copy during a Course Copy:


Discussion Board: Copying Discussion Forums, you have two options:

  1. Include Starter posts/threads in each forum (anonymized): This option includes any threads posted to the forum by students.
  2. Include only the forums, with no starter posts: This removes any threads made by students.


Grade Center Columns and Settings: Items in the Grade Center and their settings such as type, categories, and display options are copied.


Rubrics: Any rubrics you created in your course will be copied.


Tests, Surveys, and Pools: All tests and surveys, including questions and options for deploying them are copied. All pools are copied. 

Note: When copying over tests, they may appear under Course Tools in Tests, Surveys, and Pools. You may have to deploy the test in the course so students will be able to access the test.




Under File Attachments, make sure Copy links and copies of the content is selected. 

Note: You will only select Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course home folder) if you are using Content Collection. If the package size is large or there are some files that you do not need to copy over, click Manage Package Contents and do the following:

  1. Check the boxes next to the files that you want to remove.
  2. Click Submit when you are finished.

8.  When finished, click the Submit button.

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