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Annotating a PDF Document on the SMART Board


Annotating a PDF Document on the SMART Board

  1. Open the SMART Ink Document Viewer by clicking the Windows Start button, scrolling to SMART Technologies and clicking on SMART Ink Document Viewer as shown below.

    Windows start menu

  2. After the SMART Ink Document Viewer opens, click on the Open icon to open your PDF file as shown below.

    SMART Ink Document Viewer screen shot showing the open button
  3. Navigate to where you PDF file is stored and open it.
  4. You can now use the pens on the pen tray to make annotations on your PDF file as shown below.

    screenshot of PDF in SMART Ink Document Viewer with annotations

Note: This program only allows you to have one PDF document open at a time. If you are working off multiple documents, you can merge them together as one PDF file using Adobe Pro. 




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