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Accessing your Campus Voicemail by Using Your Phone


Accessing your Campus Voicemail by Using Your Phone



  •        To check whether you have PhoneMail on campus, dial the voice mail internal direct access number (7450). When Voice Mail answers enter your 4 digit extension number (XXXX) and then press the pound key (#). Next dial your initial password/pin the first time you log on to the voice system. The system will then notify you that the password/pin you have used is not a secure one   and will prompt you with the steps to change it.  After changing your password the system will repeat your new password/pin. Please write it down, this is the only time you will hear it announced. 
  •        If you forget your password the IT help desk can reset it.
  •        When calling in from home you will need to dial the external voice mail direct access number, (215-619-7450) all other steps are the same.

You can also access your voicemail using your campus phone by pressing the phonemail button (Openstage 20 or 40)  that that represents a photo of an envelope that will be lit up if you have voicemail. Press the OK button to call into the voicemail server.

On the Optipoint 420 and Optipoint 500 models, press the phone mail button that will be lit when you have voicemail and it will dial directly into the voicemail server.

To see the difference between the different models of phones on campus please reference this article.


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