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Embedding Office 365 Files in Blackboard


Embedding Office 365 Files in Blackboard


You can use the Share feature in Office 365 to get a link that can be embedded directly into Blackboard. Embedding Office 365 files is a great way to limit the number of places you need to go to edit information. If you need to change anything on the file you can edit it through the respective Office 365 application and it will automatically be updated in Blackboard.


1. Login to the portal and click the Office 365 button. Locate and click the file you want to add to your Blackboard course.


2. Once the file has opened, click the Share button in the upper right-hand corner. A pop-up window will appear.

Share icon in the upper right-hand corner of Office 365 file.





3. A pop-up Share window will appear. Click the drop-down menu to verify how and who you share the document with.



Get link options





4. Office 365 defaults to People in Montgomery County Community College. This means that anyone with a College email address may access. If you only wish for students to view a document, un-check the box next to Allow Editing and click Apply.




Uncheck Allow Editing in the lower left corner to only allow users to view.





5. You will now be taken back to the main Share window. You will notice that who you are sharing the document with has changed. Click Copy Link in the lower left corner.










 Copy shareable link






6. A new pop-up window will appear with your shareable link. Click Copy.




Copy link window




7. Navigate to Blackboard and go into the course where you want to add the link. 


Blackboard portal button.









8. Determine where you want to add the link:

  • Build new content by creating an Item
  • Edit existing content


Build new content by creating an Item in Blackboard


















Edit existing content in Blackboard



















9. In the text editor box locate and click the HTML icon. 



Blackboard text editor window with HTML icon highlighted in red box.


10. The HTML pop-up window will appear. Right-click in the box to paste the link you copied. You can also press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste the link.




 HTML Window with Share link pasted in box.



11. After you paste the link, press Enter on your keyboard. Do not close out of the window or click Update. Highlight and Copy the following iFrame link:






<p><iframe width="600" height="800" src="YOURGETWEBLINK&amp;action=embedview&amp;wdbipreview=true" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>





12. Right-click and Paste (Ctrl + V) the above link below the Share link you took from your file. Make sure you leave a space in between both links.





HTML code from Share link and iFrame code both visible in HTML pop-up window.


13. Highlight and right-click and Cut (Ctrl + X) the Share link.  






Highlight and cut the Share link in the HTML box









14. Highlight the part of the iFrame that is in all capital letters and says YOURGETWEBLINK. Right-click and Paste (Ctrl + V) the Share link you copied to replace YOURGETWEBLINK.





Highlight portion of iFrame in all capital letters.




15. The final link should look like this: 




Final iFrame link in the HTML pop-up window.


16. Click Update in the lower right-hand corner of the pop-up window.



Update button in the lower right-hand corner of pop-up window.


17. A yellow box will appear in the text editor window. This indicates that the file was successfully embedded. 






Embedded file appears as a yellow box in the text editor window.


18. Click Submit. The embedded document will now be visible in your course. 




Click Submit in the lower right-hand corner.





The embedded file will appear directly in the course.




Note: Students are able to view the file and access additional features to help them better view the embedded file.





Access additional features on the embedded file to view as you wish.

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