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Creating a Learning Module in Blackboard


Creating a Learning Module in Blackboard

A learning module is an organized collection of course material presented with a table of contents.  

1. Select a content area (ex. Course Materials).

2. Click the Build Content button.
3. From the drop down menu, select Learning Module.
4. Give the Learning Module a Name and enter any descriptive text.

5. Decide if you want to enforce sequential viewing and if you want the module to open in a new window.
  Note: If Yes is selected for sequential viewing, students must view content in order each time they open the Learning Module.
6. Select Yes to permit users to view the content.
7. Decide if you want to track the number of views.
8. Select date and time restrictions.
(if applicable)
9. Decide if you want to show the table of contents to users.

10. Select a Hierarchy Display (Letters, Mixed, Numbers, Roman Numerals).
11. Click the Submit button.  


Adding an Item to the Learning Module

1. Click on the name of the Learning Module.

2. To add materials to the module, click the Build Content button. 

  Note: Many different types of content can be added to a Module including items, files, and web links. The type of content you select determines the options you have for adding it as well as how students view the content.  
3. From the drop down menu, select Item.

4. Type a name for the item in the Name field. 
  Note: The Name field is a required entry. Enter a message if desired in the Text window. Notice in the Content Editor that you have various editing features similar to MS Word.
5. Scroll down to Attachments and click either the Browse My Computer button or the Browse Course button to locate your document.

6. Browse for your document and double-click  the file to upload it to your course.   
7. If you want your students to view this document, select the Yes radio button in the Permit Users to View this Content field.
8. If you want to track student access to this item, select the Yes radio button in the Track Number of Views field.
9. If you want to display this item for a set date/time, enter the information in the Display After and Display Until fields in the Select Date and Time Restrictions area.
10. Click the Submit button.  
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