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Faculty - Blackboard Course File Cleanup Directions


Faculty - Blackboard Course File Cleanup Directions 

These directions will help you explore which files are actively linked and being used in a course. Watch the video below and/or follow the instructions below.

Video Link:  Course File Cleanup (00:03:17)


1. Go to the Course Management area of your course, select Content Collection, then the first option, which will be your full course ID (ex. 2020WI_eLearning101ONLN). 


2. Scroll down until you see folders and files. This is all the content in your course. 

Navigate over to the column entitled Accessibility.

Items with a speedometer looking icon (color of the icon does not matter) under the Accessibility column are linked/being used in the course. 

These files are currently active in the course. 


3. To double check that an individual item is active in the course, open the context menu and choose 360 View



4. A new tab will open that will take you to the 360 view of the content. 

Scroll down the page until you see the Links section.

If something is listed under this section, it is actively being used in the the course. 

If nothing is listed, it is not currently active in the course. 


Be sure that you are viewing the accessibility column at an individual file level (per file). Any files that do not have the accessibility icon or have something listed under Links, may be deleted if you choose to help clean up the content in the course. 

Below is a video showing you how to identify whether or not a file is linked and active in your course, and how to delete files not linked and active in your course.


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