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Faculty - How to Rearrange Menu Items, Course Content, Grade Center Columns in Blackboard


Faculty - How to Rearrange Menu Items, Course Content, Grade Center Columns in Blackboard

In Blackboard, new content goes to the bottom of the screen and new Grade Center columns go to the far right of the screen.
After you add your content, you can rearrange the items to the order you want.


1. Click the up and down arrow at the top right of the area you want to rearrange.

You will see this up and down arrow throughout Blackboard

  • In the course menu
  • In Announcements
  • In Course Materials
  • In the Discussion Board 
  • In the Grade Center - Under Manage - Column Organization
    • Then scroll down to the area with your Grade Center columns

2. Click the item you want to move 

3. Click the up or down arrow at the bottom of the list to move the item

In the image at the right, Week 2 is selected, then the up arrow will be clicked to move the Week 2 folder up after the Week 1 folder.

4. When the items are in the order you want, click Submit


5. After you click Submit, you must confirm the new order, and click Ok.  
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