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Faculty - How to Create a Blackboard Announcement


Faculty - How to Create a Blackboard Announcement


The Announcement feature in Blackboard allows instructors to post a message in the Blackboard course for students. The Announcement is the first thing a student sees upon entering their Blackboard course. The Announcement is emailed to the students' email account. 


Video - How to Create and Edit Blackboard Announcements (Captioned) - Video Length 00:04:32


1. Go into your Blackboard course and click the Announcements link on the Course Navigation Menu





2. Click Create Announcement in the upper left corner. 



3. Enter the Subject and Message of the Announcement. 

Note: The asterisk indicates that this is a required field.






4. Under Web Announcement Options you have the ability to set Date Restrictions and if you would like a copy of the announcement to be emailed immediately to students. 

Date Restrictions allow you to have the announcement sent on a specific day at a specific time. You can essentially create all of your course announcements ahead of time using this feature. 

If you want your announcement to be sent immediately, select the Not Date Restricted option. 


5. Under Course Link, you can decide if you wish to link to a specific area in your course. 

Note: The course link is not sent in the announcement email that is sent.





6. When you are finished, click Submit.




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