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Faculty - Blackboard Modules


Faculty - Blackboard Modules

Blackboard has several modules you can add to the My Institution page. This article lists and describes the modules you can add to your Blackboard My Institution page.


Module Name Module Description
Academic Materials Purchase your academic materials here.


Displays notifications of past due and early warning items for all the courses relevant to the user. For notices to begin appearing, Notification Collection must be enabled. Click Notifications under Tools and Utilities on the System Admin Panel to enable Notification Collection.


Display links for up to 3 personal bookmarks.
Bookshelf by VitalSource Displays Bookshelf by VitalSource Adopted eTextBooks
Browser Test Check if you web browser is properly configured for Blackboard
Calculator Perform calculations. Add a calculator.
Dictionary Search and display a dictionary for definitions.
Download Blackboard's Student App Today Displays helpful link to Blackboard Mobile Student App
McGraw-Hill Announcements McGraw-Hill Announcements - Displays McGraw-Hill announcements
McGraw-Hill Campus McGraw-Hill Campus - Access McGraw-Hill products and services using McGraw-Hill Campus.
McGraw-Hill Connect McGraw-Hill Connect - A powerful online learning assignment and assessment solution
McGraw-Hill Create McGraw-Hill Create - Create and print custom books for your students
MindKare Behavior Health Kiosk Health screening tool
My Reports Display configured report links
My Tasks Displays your personal to do list
Needs Attention Displays items in all the courses in which the user is enrolled that require attention. 
News Display news personalized by the user
Notes Create, edit and save simple notes.
Report Card Displays total grades
Services Display links to services offered at the institution. 
Student Information Display messages for students from the administrator
Textpad Create HTML formatted text using the Manage Textpad Module Settings.
Thesaurus Search and display a thesaurus for synonyms and antonyms of words.
What’s New Displays a list of new items in all relevant courses. For notices to begin appearing, Notification Collection must be enabled.



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