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Class schedule on Montco Connect Portal is incorrect by 1 hour (How to change the time zone on your computer)


Class schedule on Montco Connect Portal is incorrect by 1 hour

(How to change the time zone on your computer)


*Check your system time to make sure your current time zone and DST (daylight savings time) settings are correct. 

Instructions on how to make sure your current time zone and DST (daylight savings time) settings are correct. (PC)

Windows10 (link to video)


Link to Article


Windows 7 and Vista or Windows 8 Desktop


1. To set the time zone in Windows 7 and Vista, left-click on the clock in the icon tray at the bottom right of your computer screen.



2. This should show the clock, date and calendar. Click on Change date and time settings... to get the Date and Time menu. (Alternatively, use Start > Control Panel > Date and Time.)



3. Click on Change time zone and select your time zone.



4. When you have the correct time zone, check that the time displayed in the Date & Time tab is correct. If not, change it and click Apply.


5. When complete, click on OK.


6. To adjust Daylight Saving Time  Check the box saying: automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time





Windows 8 Mobile(link to video)

How to change your Windows 8 time zone from the Windows Start Screen

1. To change your time zone from the Windows Start Screen you need to open up the Charms panel. To do so, you can hold down the Windows (Windows Key) and the key on your keyboard to make the panel appear. You can also open up the Charm panel by moving your mouse to the upper right or lower right corners of your Start screen. This will open the Charm panel on the right side of the Start Screen as shown below.


2. When the Charms panel is open, click on the Settings charm. This will open the Settings panel and you should now click on the Change PC Settings option in the bottom right-hand corner. You will now see the PC Setting as shown below

3. Left click on the General option to open the General options screen as shown below.

4. On this screen, under the Time category, change your time zone to the one that your computer is currently located in.

When you are done selecting your time zone, you can click on the Windows key on your keyboard to go back to your Windows 8 Start Screen.

Your selected time zone will now be saved and used by Windows 8. Windows 8 will also update your time to correct one for that time zone.



Mac OS

Link to instructional video 

1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences. The window shown below appears. 

MAC SYSTEM PREFERENCES - with an arrow pointing to the date and time icon

2. Select Date & Time.

3. Click Time Zone. The window shown below appears.

4. Use the map to select your time zone, or select a city from the Closest City menu.

5. Optional: If you own a portable computer, such as a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air, select the Set time zone automatically using current location checkbox. This feature will allow your Mac to set the time zone and update the clock when you connect to a wireless network on next your vacation. 

6. Daylight savings time are automatically updated if you have a fairly current version of MAC OS X.  If you have an older version of MAC OS X a daylight savings time update is available at apple’s support site.






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