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Image Now Workflow Approval


ImageNow6 / WebNow - Workflow Processing

ImageNow6 can be accessed via Start > All Programs > ImageNow6


1. Log into the MyMC3 Portal and select Webnow (under Applications)

If prompted, allow the Java application to run.

2. Enter your username and password. This will be the same as your MCCC network credentials.  

3. Expand Workflow, and then expand the appropriate group.  
4. Double-click item to be reviewed.  
5. A new window will open with action options (see documentation below).  


 Comment (optional)

1. Click the Sticky Note
2. Click on the document then type in the note



1. Right Click on the Rubber Stamp   
2. Click on the document to apply the stamp.  
3. Optional: insert comment  
4. Click "Route forward"  



Item is sent back to previous department for modification, correction, or further review.
1. Make comment  on document  
2. Click "Route forward"  
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