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Syllabi and Office Hours Share point Location for all Divisions


Syllabi and Office Hours Share point Location for all Divisions



The submission forms for both Syllabi and Office Hours have been updated as requested by the Provost. Links to these forms have been updated on the Portal under Request Forms, each Division team site, and each department site that already contained submission form links.


A number of enhancements have been made to these forms including email confirmations sent to the faculty submitter and a print view for faculty office hours. For your reference, the submission forms used by faculty are available here:


There is now a single repository for all division office hours and syllabi submissions to allow for efficiencies in review and assessment. Please share the following document library links with appropriate coordinators and assessment teams. All forms for the 2016 fall semester are in these libraries.

The column headers allow for sorting and filtering of the results. Simply click on the down arrow that appears when you point to any column heading for the filter/sort options. <image001.png>


Office Hours:



The above Syllabi and Office Hours links will take you to the following location.



Click on appropriate year (For ex- ‘2016’/’2017’ folder).

Click on ‘Division’ and select your division (For ex - ‘HS’) to view your division syllabi in the library.



Office Hours:


You can do the same to choose the hours. You will see the screen shot like below.





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