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Entering Faculty Observation and Evaluation Data in Colleague


Entering Faculty Observation and Evaluation Data in Colleague


This article will walk you through how to enter faculty observation and evaluation data into Colleague.


1. Log into Colleague.




2. Type in the mnemonic FCTY for faculty  

3. Type in the faculty member's name or ID number  

4. Select the faculty member from the person records that come up (Confirm Source: Faculty and Where Used: FAC) and hit Enter or Open.  

5. Once on the FCTY-Faculty screen, choose the document icon beside Misc Info/Miscellaneous Information in the lower right corner.

6. In the pop-up, choose FREM-Faculty Remarks and click OK.


7. On the FREM-Faculty Remarks screen you can see the history of all remarks added.

To add a new remark, click on the document icon next to one of the number rows.




8. A window for Faculty Remarks typed comments will come up.

You must click Save to close the window or add a comment, such as 2018-2019 (if you only know the academic year the entry pertains to) or Summer 2019 (if you only know the semester the entry pertains to), and then click Save.

Note: No detailed observation or review information should be added in the comments section.

9. From the drop down menu for Type, choose the appropriate code:
  • FOBSR - Faculty Observation
  • FEVAL - Faculty Evaluation
  • SELFA - Faculty Self-Assessment
  • STEVL - Student Evaluation Review


10. In the box for Author, type in the reviewer's or observer's name.

Then, select the person from the choices that come up and click Enter or Open.

If the person comes up as not found or that there are multiple person files with that name, email the Help Desk to have a Staff role added for the person.

You do not need to enter anything in the Reference box.


11. Today's date automatically appears in the Date box. Enter the specific observation or evaluation or other date in the Date box following the format of two digit month/two digit day/four digit year.

If you do not have the specific date, use 05/31/and the year for the spring semester or academic year and use 12/01/and the year for the fall semester and 08/31/and the year for the summer semester.


13. Add additional lines following steps 7 through 12.




14. When complete, click on Save All.


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