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Key concepts

 Familiarize yourself with key concepts in the BI launch pad. Depending on which tasks you perform, some concepts may not apply to you.









An object is a document or file created in the BI platform or other software that is stored and managed in the platform re­pository.




A category is an organizational alternative to a folder. Use cat­ egories to label objects.




Scheduling is the process of automatically running an object at a specified time. Scheduling refreshes dynamic content or data in an object, creates instances, and distributes the in­ stances to users or stores them locally.




An event is an object that represents an occurrence in the BI platform system. Events can be used for the following pur­ poses:

  • As scheduling dependencies that trigger actions after a scheduled job runs
  • To trigger alert notifications
  • To monitor the performance of the platform









A calendar is a customized list of run dates for scheduling jobs.




An instance is a snapshot of an object that contains data from the time an object was run.




Publishing is the process of making personalized dynamic content publicly available for mass consumption.




A profile is an object that associates users and groups with personalization values. Profiles are used with publishing to create personalized content and distribute it to recipients.




Alerting is the process of notifying users and administrators when events occur in the BI platform.





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