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CROA - Creating the query


In Web Intelligence, you are going to create a query using the following objects in the universe:


  1. Open the Web Intelligence HTML interface, and click the New icon.



The Create a document dialog box appears.

 2. To select your universe data source, click Universe, then OK.

 The Universe dialog box appears.

3. Select the desired universe and then click OK.

The Query Panel appears.


4. In the Universe Outline pane, expand the Time period folder and select Quarter.

 5. Click the right angle bracket (>) button next to the Result Objects pane.



(You can also drag and drop the Quarter dimension into the Result Objects pane.)





The Quarter object appears in the Result Objects pane.


6. Expand the Store folder and select State.


7. Click the > button.


  The State object appears in the Result Objects pane.

 8. Expand the Product folder to select Lines, and then click the > button.



The Lines object appears in the Result Objects pane.


9. Expand the Measures folder to select Sales revenue and then press CTRL and click Quantity sold, Margin, and





10. Click the > button.




The Sales revenue, Quantity sold, Margin, and Discount objects appear in the Result Objects pane.


11. Click Run Query.


When the query is run for the first time, Web Intelligence automatically creates a report and document and opens them in Design mode. All of the objects that you selected appear in the Available Objects list and in a table that you’re going to configure.





12. Click the Save icon.



 The Save As dialog box appears.

 13. In the File Name text box, enter Sales report and click Save.



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