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What is Anti-Malware?



What is Anti-Malware?

All guest devices are required to be running Anti-Malware program that can scan files in real-time. These are "Anti-Virus" programs that can scan new files coming onto the system to determine if they contain any form of malware before they can infect the system. Malware is a program is any sort of unwanted or harmful software that is normally spread unwillingly from system to system. Some such Anti-Malware programs are:

  • McAfee Anti-Virus
  • Norton Anti-Virus
  • Malware Bytes Pro
  • Avast
  • Windows Defender

Malware poses a major threat to not just the system affected but to every system connected to the network because of the ability of malware to spread itself across a network. Malware can steal or delete information from the infected system, slow the machine down, or use it for illegal activity.

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