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Unblock a File (Windows 10)


Unblock a File (Windows 10)


When running a file in Windows 10 that was downloaded from the internet, you may get a security warning that prevents the operation.  If you trust the source of the file, use the following documentation to unblock it. 

This will also work in Windows 7, but is usually not necessary.

Note that to download a blocked file to a college owned computer, you must use Internet Explorer or Firefox browser.


1. Open the folder the file is in (if unsure, it is likely in your Downloads folder) and right click on the file. Choose Properties.

2. At the bottom of the General tab, you will notice the Security: section and warning.  

3. Check the Unblock checkbox and click Apply  

4. You will notice that the Security section has disappeared.  Click OK and try to run the file again.   

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