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Students - Finding and ordering your textbooks and/or course materials via Virtual Bookstore


Students - Finding and ordering your textbooks and/or course materials via Virtual Bookstore

How to find your course schedule and text book requirements.

Video on how to perform the steps below


1. Login to the Montco Portal  
2. Click on the Resources tab on the left side and then select Virtual Bookstore



3. Select the semester for which you will need to order books. 

 2020 Spring Semester 


4. Select the Department your course falls under (Ex. English, Psychology, etc)



5. Select the course number (ex. ENG 101, PSY 255)

 Section 117


6. Locate the correct course by section (ex. CC, BC2, etc) or by professor (ex. Joe Smith)

 Section ONLN3 with Professor Vetro

7. You can scroll to the bottom to add multiple courses and then click Continue when you are ready. 

Add another course or continue

8. Required and recommended items for classes that you are registered for will appear and you can scroll through them. Select the checkmark box that corresponds with how you want to purchase the item.



Please note when ordering your books, you may see different designations as defined here:


Items that the instructor deems as necessary in order for students to be successful in the course. Students are expected to purchase all REQUIRED items.


List of REQUIRED items that students are able to choose from, either to customize their learning experience - OR - to provide other options purchasing options such as eBooks or physical books to serve personal preference.


Items that may provide additional help in a course, but are not required in order to be successful.


Items that are not integral to the course or overall student success, but are offered if students want additional resources on related subject matter.

eCampus Important Course Material Designations 

9. After selecting the items you want to purchase, click on the Continue button at the bottom right.



10. Click on Checkout





11. Verify that you want to purchase the items listed and press Proceed to Checkout




12. Enter all necessary payment information and press Continue and then confirm your purchase.




Additional Resources:

Students - Finding and ordering your textbooks and/or course materials via self-service

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Comment by Alan Love on Wed, Jul 5th, 2017 at 12:13 PM
This was very helpful! Thank you!
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