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Finding your textbook information


Finding your Schedule and Text Books

How to find your course schedule and text book requirements.


1. Log into the portal img_57dff663c57aa.png
 2.  click on the Self Service button (Cap Icon)





3. Under  Student Planning , click on  Plan & Schedule    

4. This screen shows your schedule and your registration status for your courses.

To view textbook information, click on the title of the course. This will bring up a small window. 


6.  Scroll down and click on the  Bookstore information link.   

7. You will be taken to the bookstore's website were you can view all of the required books for your course.  

Helpful Tip: Be sure to check your student email frequently to find out if your instructor requires you to have any additional materials for class. 


8. Go back to the  Plan & Schedule screen and click on your other courses to see what books are required for those courses as well.   
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Comment by Alan Love on Wed, Jul 5th, 2017 at 12:13 PM
This was very helpful! Thank you!
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