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NetOp Basic Use


Net-Op - Basic Use

Open NetOp Teacher (Start > All Programs > NetOp)

  • If you have not yet configured, please refer to the Configuration Document
  • A list of computers will be displayed


To Control a workstation:

1. Double-click on any workstation to control

To Observe a workstation (without control):

  1. Select the computer
  2. Click  

To end observation, unlock workstation(s) or enable internet:

  1. Select computer
  2. Click 

To Lock workstation (disable keyboard and mouse and display a lock screen)

  1. Select workstation(s)
  2. Click 

To Restrict internet access

  1. Select workstation(s)
  2. Click 


Observing all classroom workstations

  1. Select   from the left pane

  2. You can change the number of visible workstations by right-clicking an empty area and selecting a smaller thumbnail size (i.e. 80*60 or 40*30) 


Adding a Class:

  1. Select  
  2. Click Add…

  3. Enter the class name

  4. Click OK 
  5. Click OK

Changing class:

  1. Click Drop-down arrow next to Room/Class Name
  2. Choose the appropriate class


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