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Students - Setting up email on your mobile device

Students - Setting up email on your mobile device



You can follow these steps to set up your Student email account on your mobile device.  Please note that as a standard we do not fully support the setup of student email on personal devices.  Also, downloading and accessing your email remotely can use your mobile data, which the College is not responsible for.


1. Download and install the Gmail app if you don’t already have it.  Then open the app.

2. Touch the hamburger icon in the upper left hand corner to open the menu.   

3. Scroll to the bottom and touch Settings  

4. Select  Add account    

5. Choose  Google and touch  Next  


6. Enter your full  student email address and touch  Next  

Note:  Be careful to type exactly "" after your username.


7. Touch  Accept  

8.  Sign in just like you are signing into your Student Portal  

9. One complete, your email address will be added to your device and your mail will begin downloading.  If you touch  your email address you will be taken to the Settings screen where you can configure your notifications, sync, and vacation message settings.  Touch the  arrow in the upper right hand corner twice  to go back. 

10. On the left side that is still open you can choose the folder you want to view.  Touching your name and email address will drop down a list of all of the accounts on your device so you can switch between them.  

Note:  Selecting to view "All inboxes" will show you email from all of your email accounts that are set up on your phone, not just your student email account. 


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