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Forwarding Emails from Gmail to Outlook



Forwarding Emails from Gmail to Outlook

Student Email Transition FAQ

Note: These steps are only necessary if you wish to have a copy of the message thread currently in your Gmail mailbox sent to Office 365 Outlook mailbox.  

* It is unnecessary to forward email to receive new messages in your Office 365 Outlook mailbox.  After July 5, 2022, all new email will automatically be delivered to Office 365 Outlook mailbox.  


Step 1: Sign in to your MontCo Connect at and look for the "Email (Old)" tool on the left-hand side.

You may also type "Email (Old)" in the search bar at the top. This will connect you to your Student Gmail account.



a. If asked to log in again, use the username and password associated with your account





Step 2: Find and click on the email you wish to forward to the Student Outlook account





Step 3:  Click on the three vertical dots in the top right of the email




Step 4: Click on the "Forward" option




Step 5: Set the "To" field to the same email address used to log in (ex:



Following steps are to confirm the email was properly forwarded:

Step 6 (Optional):  Sign into your MontCo Connect at and look for the "Email" tool on the left hand side.

 You may also type "Email" in the search bar at the top. This will connect you to your Student Outlook account.

Step 7 (Optional):  Confirm that Student Outlook received the email from Student Gmail 





Forwarding Calendar Invites:

Once you have confirmed that your email is being forwarded correctly, you can forward any calendar events that are waiting for responses to the new Outlook inbox by manually forwarding the notification email from your Gmail student account with you student email address in the "To" field.

Additional Questions on the Student Email Transition?
Check out our FAQ! Student Email Transition FAQ

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