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Viewing Multiple Calendars


How to view multiple calendars at once

The Starfish Schedule View is a calendar feature built specifically to allow calendar managers to better view and manage a large number of calendars at once. This view is only available to users who have calendar manager permissions.


1. To access the Schedule View, navigate to the calendar and select the Schedule tab.  
2. Once in the Schedule View, select calendars to view using the checkboxes in the left panel.  
3. All calendars can be selected or deselected using the Select All and Deselect All links in the left panel. Selected calendars will be displayed in the main calendar panel.  
4. Selected calendars can be filtered to only show schedule blocks that have at least one available appointment. To do this, select the Available Only checkbox in the left panel.  

5. Selected calendars can also be filtered to only show schedule blocks of a selected appointment type, such as Advising or Teaching. To do this, select the appointment type in the Appointment Type menu in the left panel.

The default selection is "All Appointments."



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