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View Flag After its Resolved

How to find a tracking item after its been resolved

Tracking items, such as flags or to-dos, which have been resolved are not removed from the system. They remain associated with the student, but in a cleared state so they are not always visible by default when viewing the Student Folder or Students Lists in Starfish. However, these items can be viewed in either of these locations by selecting the option to view Cleared items.

Who can view these cleared items and who is notified about the item being cleared depends on the tracking item. Tracking items have rules created by your Starfish administrator. These rules specify all permissions for the associated tracking items, including who can raise, view, manage and receive emails for the tracking item. When a tracking item is resolved, the rule determines if anyone receives an email notification of the resolution and if anyone can see the comments entered when the tracking item was resolved. Check with your Starfish administrator for details about specific tracking items at your institution.

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