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Resolve a Tracking Item

Resolving a tracking item

If you have manage permissions for a tracking item for a particular student, you will be able to resolve the tracking item when it is no longer an issue or your work on the issue is completed.

There are a couple ways to resolve a tracking item. To resolve a single tracking item:

  1. When viewing the tracking item in the student list, student folder or on your dashboard, select the menu icon to the left of the item name.
  2. Select the resolution option for the selected tracking item (Clear Flag, Complete To-Do, Complete Referral or Remove Kudo.
  3. In the form that opens add a resolution note, and where applicable a Close the Loop note, and Submit the form.

Tracking items can be viewed and cleared from a number of places including:

  1. Students tab
  2. Recent Changes channel on your Starfish Home page

  3. The Student Folder Tracking tab

To resolve multiple tracking items at once:

  1. Navigate to Students > Tracking.
  2. Use the checkboxes next to each student’s name to select the items to be resolved. Note that there will not be a checkbox next to any items for which you do not have Manage permissions.
  3. Select the _Resolve__ link in the action bar at the top of the page.
  4. In the form that opens add a resolution note, and where applicable a Close the Loop note, and Submit the form.
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