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OneNote (Office 365): Overview and Usage


OneNote (Office 365): Overview and Usage

OneNote online is an online note-taking tool that can help you capture, annotate, and organize your class notes. Never forget or lose your notes again by keeping them organized in this easy to use tool.  Any OneNote online notebooks created are automatically stored in your OneDrive account for easy access at any time. 

Suggested uses for faculty:

OneNote for Teachers

How I teach using OneNote

Also, see OneNote Class Notebook

Suggested uses for students:

OneNote for Students


What is OneNote and start using OneNote

Taking Notes

Format Notes

Draw and Sketch

Stay Organized

Share and synch

OneNote on mobile devices


Infographic Resources

Apply a OneNote Template to a page

Create links to notebooks, pages, sections, and paragraphs

Taking linked notes in OneNote

Docking OneNote

Record audio or video notes

Search for notes in OneNote (global search)


Title: Top OneNote Features to Increase Productivity and Organization  Feature #1: Page Template. Save commonly used note structures such as notes for a class or taking meeting minutes as a template to reuse over and over again.   Feature #2: Internal Links. Create clickable, internal links that take you to other notebooks, sections, or pages.   Feature #3: Docked Note-Taking. You can dock OneNote on the screen and prevent other applications from overlapping it allowing you to take notes while reading other material in the same view.   Feature #4: Audio/Video Recording. Record your class or a meeting while taking notes at the same time. The notes even link to the specific time in the recording.   Feature #5: Global Search. Use Ctrl (PC)/Command (Mac) + E to search for words or phrases across all your Notebook pages.

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