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OneDrive (Office 365): Overview and Usage


OneDrive (Office 365): Overview and Usage

OneDrive for Business, a web-based file storage application, allows you to store, organize, and share all your files. You can also collaborate in real-time.  


Suggested uses for students:


  • Organize your notes
  • Organize your homework assignments and projects
  • Share files with your peers or professor (check with your professor first to see if they will accept files in this manner)
  • Collaborate with your peers on a project
  • Start an assignment at school or work and continue the assignment later at home


Suggested uses for faculty:

  • Store and organize your teaching documents for easy access at home and in the classroom
  • Share files with colleagues
  • Collaborate with colleagues on the same file


Why store files on the cloud? 

What is OneDrive?

Manage your files

Share and sync OneDrive


The title of this infograph includes two blue clouds with a white border and the words OneDrive for Business. Below this title is the subtitle that reads, “Your backup and organization solution. Features that help create efficiency in your job.”   The following features and descriptions are listed in the infograph.   Unlimited Availability – Access your files anywhere online or through your mobile device. Sync and Backup – Automatically sync files between your desktop and OneDrive to ensure you never lose your work. Organization – Organize all your files in folders or use the search feature to find files quickly. Collaboration – Share files or folders allowing anyone to view or edit. Collaborate on documents in real-time. More information – Search with keyword “One Drive” for more information.

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