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Microsoft Outlook (Office 365): Overview and Usage


Microsoft Outlook (Office 365): Overview and Usage

Microsoft Outlook is an email application that includes a calendar, contacts, and task manger. Outlook is the official communication avenue for the College for all faculty, staff, and administrators. Any College-related communications should be conducted using Outlook. Within the application you can create folders to easily organize your communications for future reference and keep your calendar up-to-date to ensure you don't miss any deadlines. 


What is Outlook?

Create and send email

Manage email

Organize your inbox

Contact and tasks


Outlook for MAC

Outlook Mobile

Manage your inbox in Outlook Mobile

Manager your time in Outlook Mobile

Search and share in Outlook Mobile

People and connections in Outlook Mobile


Infographic Resources

Creating a folder in Outlook 

Sort email messages

Manage email message by creating a rule

Turn on or off favorites

Introduction to the Outlook calendar

Title: Five Tips for Staying Organized with Microsoft Outlook  Tip 1: Create sub-folders. Create sub-folders by class, person, category, etc to file important messages for easy retrieval at a later date.   Tip 2: Filter/sort your inbox. Filter or sort your inbox by sender, attachments, most recent date, etc to find a view that ensures you don’t miss important messages.   Tip 3: Create a rule. Have emails directly sent to a specific folder to avoid a cluttered mailbox. Just don’t forget to check the folder for new messages!  Tip 4: Favorite folders. Favorite important or commonly used folders for easy access at the top of your mailbox.   Tip 5: Utilize the calendar. Store important due dates, appointments, or reminders on your calendar. Access your mail and calendar on the Outlook app to keep organized.

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