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Excel (Office 365): Overview and Usage


Excel (Office 365): Overview and Usage

Excel online is a spreadsheet creation and editing tool that allows you to keep record of basic information to more complex data, formulas, and charts. 

Suggested uses for faculty:

Suggested uses for students:


Introduction to Excel

Rows and columns



Formulas and functions




Share and coauthor


Make your Excel documents accessible to people with disabilities


Title: Useful Excel tricks to know  Select all: Select the box in the top left where the first row and first column meet to quickly highlight everything on the spreadsheet.   Fast navigation: Hold down Control (PC) or Command (MAC) and select any of the arrow to quickly move through the spreadsheet.   Values with zero: By default, if a value starts with zero, Excel deletes it. To prevent this, add a single quote mark before the zero (ex. ‘008765).  Add multiple rows at once: Select and highlight multiple rows at once and then go to Insert followed by Insert Sheet Rows to add multiple rows to your spreadsheet at one time.   Conditional formatting: Set up rules and apply formatting too easily interpret the data. Fro example, any data with a value of 70 or below has a rule to turn the cell red.

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