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Faculty - Create a Test or Quiz in Blackboard


Faculty - Create a Test or Quiz in Blackboard

Blackboard provides an assessment tool in which faculty members can create an assessment with multiple types of question (multiple choice, true/false, short-answer, matching, etc.) to determine the students’ level of understanding. While creating the assessment you can determine the point value for each question, include multimedia clips, etc.

This article will show you how to create a test, quiz, or survey, how to adjust the question settings, and how to create questions.


1. Log into the Blackboard course where you wish to add a test or quiz
2. Under the Control Panel, click the Course Tools button
3. Near the bottom of the drop down, click Tests, Surveys and Pools
4. On the next screen, click the Tests button
5. Click the Build Test button

6. In Test Canvas, under Section 1: Test Information, fill out the following:

a. Name of the test

b. Description of the test

Ex. This test covers Chapters 1-3 in your textbook.

c. Instructions the students need in order to complete the test

Ex. This test is a timed test. You will have one hour to complete it. Once you start, you will need to finish it in one sitting.


7. When finished, click the Submit button



Adjust the Test/Quiz Question Settings

Note: It is optional, but you can edit Question Settings prior to creating questions.

1. Within the Test area, click the Question Settings button  

2. Section 1: Feedback - after each question the student will receive the correct answer

3. Section 2: Images, Files, and Web Links - if there will be any external links, images, or files added to a question or a submitted response

4. Section 3: Question Metadata - this information is helpful when you use the question in the future within another test or quiz


5. Section 4: Scoring - determine what the default points will be for each question created.

This does not prevent you from individualizing each question; it’s a safeguard in case no points are added. In addition, you can provide extra credit questions and negative points for questions if needed

6. Section 5: Display - this section allows you to determine the order and layout of the questions to the students

7. When finished, click the Submit button  


Create the Questions

1. In the new window, click the Create Question button    

2. From the drop down list, select one to begin creating the test

Note: The most commonly used question type is Multiple Choice. You can use any number of question types in a single assessment

3. Create as many questions that are necessary for the assessment

Note: Once the student submits the assessment, Blackboard will automatically grade the items that it can (such as multiple choice or matching). If Blackboard can not finish grading the other types of questions it will leaves an indicator in the Grade Center that a test is available for you to grade. Once complete, the grade will automatically appear in the Grade Center. Located below is the list of question types and if the type of question needs to be manually graded.


 Question Types

Question Type Student Response Notes Bb Grade
Calculated Formula Students taking the test will receive a random set of parameters and be prompted for an answer. Answer sets are randomly generated. The question contains a formula, the variables of which can be set to change for each user. The variable range is created by specifying a minimum and a maximum value for each variable.  Verify
Calculated Numeric Student to enter a numeric answer in response to a question or formula. Question is similar to fill-in- the-blank. The user enters a number to complete a statement. The correct answer can be a specific number or within a range of numbers.  Verify
Either/Or Students are presented with a statement and asked to respond either by selecting one option.  Options include: Yes/No, Agree/Disagree, Right/Wrong or True/False.  Yes
Essay Students type or cut/paste a response in the essay field. Instructors must grade this type of question manually although sample answers can be placed in the Reference section. Verify
File Response Users upload a file from the local drive as the answer to the question. File Response could be used for prompting submission of a visual or audio assignment, or other submissions that are not text based. Verify
Fill in Multiple Blanks Similar to Fill in the Blank, but allows multiple blanks within the same question. This question type uses variables to designate the different blanks. This question type requires students to type the appropriate word or phrase for each blank. Verify
Fill in the Blank Students provide the missing word or words to a blank space in a phrase, sentence, or paragraph. Very sensitive to spelling and ordering mistakes on the part of the student. Verify
Hot Spot Students will click on certain areas of an uploaded picture, graph, grid, etc. to answer the question. The student gets full credit if the location where they click is within a rectangular region of the picture set by the test maker.  Yes
Jumbled Sentence Complete a sentence by selecting words or phrases from a drop-down list. Add question text that includes variables in square brackets [x] corresponding to locations in the text where the drop-down list of answers should appear. Variable names must be unique and cannot be reused. Yes
Matching Matching questions allow students to pair items in one column to items in another column. You can also include multimedia clips in your question column Yes
Multiple Answer Use this type of question when more than one answer is correct. Students respond to the question by clicking the box for each correct answer. Yes
Multiple Choice Multiple choice questions allow students several choices with only one correct answer. You are limited to 20 in the number of answer choices available. Yes
Opinion Scale/Likert These questions measure students' attitudes or reactions using a comparable scale. Question type based on a rating scale designed to measure attitudes or reactions. Users indicate the multiple choice answer that represents their attitude or reaction. Verify
Ordering Students provide an answer by selecting the correct order of a series of items. When you create the question, you will need to put in the correct order; however, it will scramble them for the student view. Yes
Quiz Bowl Student responses must be in the form of a question that begins with an interrogative. All answers must come in the form of a question.  Yes
Short Answer Short Answer questions are similar to Essay questions. The length of the answer can be limited to a specified number of rows in the text box. Verify
True/False True/False questions allow students to choose either true or false in response to a statement question. No other wording options are available. Yes


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