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Faculty - Creating Discussion Board Forum in Blackboard


Faculty - Creating a Discussion Board Forum in Blackboard


In Blackboard you can create Discussion Boards and post questions for students to answer outside of class in a forum setting. Here are some tips to consider when creating questions for the discussion board:


  • Design good trigger questions that will allow students to demonstrate higher levels of thinking.
  • Keep topics specific and focused.
  • Establish time frame.
  • Consider facilitators role — encourage student interaction by being “guide on the side.”
  • Explain student expectations for participation and what’s acceptable and unacceptable. 
1. Click on the Discussion Board link on your course menu.

2. Click the Create Forum button.
3. Create a name for the forum (e. g., Introduce Yourself) and type the instructions for the discussion board in the Description box.

4. To make the forum available to your students, select Yes.

5. Specify the date restrictions for the discussion forum by clicking the checkboxes for “Display After” and Display Until” and then select the dates and times for these restrictions.  
6. Select the settings you wish to use for the Discussion Board.  
  1. Viewing Threads/Replies: The standard view allows students to view instructor and student threads prior to adding their own thread. The other option is to require students to post their initial thread before they can view other threads and respond to other students in the forum.
  2. Grade: Select whether or not you want to grade the forum. If you are grading the forum, enter the points possible for the forum. A column for this forum will automatically appear in the Grade Center.
  3. Specify when you want an exclamation point to display next to the students name in the Grade Center.
  4. Due Date: If you are grading the forum, you can enter the due date for this forum. By entering a due date, the forum will automatically populate in the Blackboard course calendar.
  5. Associated Rubrics: If desired, add your discussion forum rubric.

7. Additional options are available to you based on whether or not you are using the Standard View. Typically, these options are not changed.

8. Click the Submit button.

 Below is a video that shows you how to create a Discussion Board forum:

Create Discussion Board video - Closed Captioned



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