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Faculty - View Grade Details in the Blackboard Grade Center


Faculty -  View Grade Details in the Blackboard Grade Center


Viewing the grade details on an assignment allows you to see the number of attempts made by the student, column details, and the grade history. You can also manually override a student's grade from this space.  for each assignment or submission in the Grade Center.


1.Click the down chevron next to the grade.
2.From the drop down menu, select View Grade Details.

3.On the Grade Details page, you can  

  • enter a current grade value;  
  • give feedback to the user; and
  • add any grading notes. 

 NoteGrading Notes are for the Instructor only. If you want the student to see your comments, enter them in the Feedback to User section.
4.When finished, click the Save button.
 Note: If you have a grade entered when you click the down chevron, you can click View Grade Details to edit or override the grade.



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