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Faculty - Blackboard Grade Center - View Attempt and Column Statistics


Grade Center: Viewing Attempt and Column Statistics


When you create an assessment, you have the ability to view the attempt statistics. This option gives you a breakdown of how each question was answered by your students. For example, how many students chose option A or option B, etc. You can use this information to weed out deceptive test questions and to ensure that the test is clear and unbiased.

Follow the steps below to display the attempt statistics for a test: 


1. Under the Course Management area, click the Grade Center button. 

2. Click the down arrow at the top of the test column of the assessment that you want to view the statistics for

3. From the drop down menu, select Attempt Statistics
 Note: You will see several different areas of statistics.  At the top of the page will be the over all Attempt Score and number of attempts made on that particular test.  Further down on the page next to each question, it will contain the percent answered.

4. Scroll through each questions, click OK to return to the Grade Center. 


Viewing Column Statistics


Note: The Grade Center gives you the ability to see statistical data about an assessment that includes the minimum and maximum values, average, median, standard deviation, etc. You can use this information for continuous improvement purposes, refining each assignment until you are satisfied. 

Follow the steps below to see the item detail for an assignment:


1. Under the Course Management area, click the Grade Center button.
2. Next to the column you wish to view the column statistics from, click the chevron button.
3. From the drop down menu, select Column Statistics.

 Note: Above is an example of how three students scored on an Assignment that they submitted. The window will display the number of students who have completed the column, the minimum and maximum value, range, average, median, standard deviation, and variance.   In addition, it provides the grade distribution.    
4. When finished and ready to go back to the Full Grade Center, click the OK button.  
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