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Faculty - Blackboard Grade Center - Setting the External Grade


  Setting an External Grade for Blackboard

Note: Setting the External Grade Column helps the students identify their final grade. In addition, Blackboard Analytics uses the External Grade as the base for student success in the course.  The default External Grade column is Total, which is used for point based calculations.   The Weighted Total column is for weighting the final grade. If you have hidden either the weighted totals or totals column and you need to make them available again.

1. Log into your Blackboard Course.

2. Under the Control Panel, click the Grade Center button.
3. From the menu, select Full Grade Center.
4. Click the gray down arrow next to the column name that you want to set as the external grade.

5. From the drop down menu, select Set as External Grade.
6. You will notice that the circle with the green check mark has moved to the column you selected. 



Making either the Total or Weighted Total Column Available by Showing column

1. In the Action Bar of the Grade Center, click the Manage button.

2. From the drop down menu, select Column Organization.
3. Select the checkbox(es) of the Grade Center columns to be revealed.


4. Click the Show/Hide button.From the Action Link menu, select Show Selected Columns .
5. From the Action Link menu, select Show Selected Columns .When finished, click the Submit button.
6. When finished, click the Submit button.



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