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How to create a Requisition in Self-Service


 How to create a Requisition in Self-Service


1. Navigate to  
2. On the left hand side click on Daily Work  
3. Click the Financial Management Drop Down arrow.  
4. Select Procurement  

5. In the Create Tab, set the Document Type to "Requisition". The current date will auto-populate

(Note:  the date must fall into the FY in which the service or items will be delivered.)

6. In the Initiator field, search and select the name of the person who will be the designated person to receive items and approve them for payment.   

7. Enter the email addresses that should receive a confirmation email. confirmation email will be sent with the status and details of the  document every time the document is saved. Multiple addresses may be entered per the instructions to separate them by a comma.

8. Select a campus for delivery  

9. The desired date is not utilized since most orders are needed as soon as possible.  Next day is consistently utilized. For urgent orders please contact the Director of Procurement.


10. Select Vendor by typing any part of the vendor name to find vendors in Colleague.


11. Select your approver(s)  

  • For Grant Funded acquisitions you must include an authorized Grant Approver.
  • For IT related purchases, include the Approver for Information Technology

If you have any questions about who needs to approve something please contact Purchasing. 


In Printed Comments include all that apply:


  • Quote #
  • Period Term if there is a contract involved (Period: 7/1/2021 – 6/30/2022)
  • “For Questions contact: <name of person who can answer questions> <their phone number / email address>"

In Internal Comments, include any information that may help to document the order history, purpose or funding.



12. Add an item:

  1. Provide a general description of the item, then the make and model. Only the first line of description will show for receiving so it is important it is discernable from other items. Example: Chair – Mezo with arms XIDH979
  2. Item ID: If the vendor has a unique catalog number for the item, indicate it here.  This number can only be used to look up the item from this vendor.
  3. Quantity: The quantity of items requested (When using  $ dollars as a unit of measure this number is the total number of dollars you are requesting)
  4. Unit of Measure
  5. Unit Price: The price for the unit of measure you have selected. (The unit price for  $ Dollars is $1.00 if you are requesting a blanket purchase order.)


 15. Search easily for GLs – Know the first four parts of the GL you are looking for and then use the descriptions to pick the appropriate account.

  • Adding Additional GLs – The cost of an item can be distributed between multiple GLs. The Amounts on the right will need to be manually adjusted to total the item cost.

 16. Select SAVE to finish your document.  You will now see the requisition listed with a status of “in progress”.  



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