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Changing Fiscal Year View


Changing Your Fiscal Year View


This article will show you how to change how you are viewing the fiscal year. A fiscal year can be viewed in your Cost Center either as a bar graph or as a list. 



1. Determine the fiscal year you want to view by using the drop down menu provided in the upper right corner.


*Note: The current fiscal year will always be the default.



Determine your fiscal year using the drop down menu provided


2. Use the second and third icon in the upper right to determine which view you would prefer. You can view a fiscal year either as a bar graph or a list. 




Bar Graph View: Bar graph view icon looks like 6 squares stacked on one another.



List View: List view is three lines in order




3. Both views show the same information, just in a different format.






Bar Graph View

The bar graph view will show you how much has been spent and how much is remaining in a color coded bar graph format. 

Green: On Track

Yellow: Caution

Red: At Risk


Cost Center as Bar Graph 




List View

The list view will show you each GL in a list format. You will see the same information as in the bar graph view, it's just displayed differently. For example, instead of green, yellow, and red bars you will see color coded symbols under Financial Health:

Green Checkmark: On Track

Yellow Caution Sign: Caution

Red Exclamation Point: At Risk



Cost Center as List 

4. The view you select will remain the view that you see every time you access the Budget in Self Service.

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