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Students - Joining a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session


Students - Joining a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session

Blackboard Collaborate is a web-based conferencing tool. Below are directions on how to join a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session from a computer and from the Blackboard mobile app.


Joining a Session from your Computer

1. To access the session, click on the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra link provided by your Instructor. This link may be posted on the Course Navigation Menu or as a link within the Course Materials.  

Your instructor may not call this link "Blackboard Collaborate Dashboard" as in this example. Please be sure to verify from your instructor where this link is in your course.


Note: Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is web based, and it works best using Google Chrome as your browser. You will need to download the Chrome extension in order to use this tool.For directions on how to download the Chrome Extension please view the following knowledgebase article: Faculty and Students: Adding Chrome Extension for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra


2. Type your name to join the session.
This is how your name will appear to the other people in the session.
3. Click Join Session.  

4. Make sure your browser did not block any pop-ups, or prevent access to your microphone and camera.

5. If you receive the following message, "Jump in and get started! Set up your microphone and camera so you can start collaborating," click Yes.


6. Select the microphone you will use during Audio Test (1 of 2)


When you see the bar indicate that your microphone is working, click Yes - It's working


Note: If you do not select a microphone, it will use the Default microphone.


8. Select the Camera you want to use in the Video Test (2 of 2).


When you see yourself on your camera, click Yes - It's working.



9. To talk to the rest of the participants in the session, click the Share Audio button, and to share your video with the rest of the participants, click the Share Video button.

You will notice that the buttons change their appearance when you share audio and video.


Connecting your Audio by Phone


10. If you are unable to connect the audio from your computer you can access the session audio by phone. Click the My Settings button located at the bottom of your screen.

11. Locate and click the "Use your phone for audio" link. When you click the link you will be provided with a phone number to call to join the session. You will also be given a PIN number so that you may join the session.


Note: The phone number and PIN number is individual to you.

Blackboard Collaborate phone audio options.

12. If you are continuing to have difficulties joining a session, please view the following knowledgebase article; Faculty and Students - Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Troubleshooting






Joining a Session from the Blackboard App

1. Download the Blackboard app from your mobile devices app store. The Blackboard app is free to download.   

2. Once the app has finished downloading, open the app and search for Montgomery County Community College. 

Tap to select the College from the drop down menu that appears.




3. Once you have selected your school, enter your College username and password. 

Then tap Login.




4. You will be taken to the Activity Stream. This will show you any updates in your courses for the day. 

Tap the 3 lines in the upper left corner until a side bar appears.




5. Tap Courses. You will now see your Current courses.   



6. Tap the course you want to enter.

You should see, under Course Materials, Collaborate.

Tap Collaborate.




7. Tap the name of the Collaborate session to join the session. In this example the session is called, Course Room.   



8. The session will load and you will see a similar window of what you see if you joined from a computer.   

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra landing page from Blackboard app 

9. Tap the Camera and Microphone icon at the bottom of your screen to turn on your camera and microphone for the session.   



10. When you are finished, tap the icon that looks like a door in the upper left corner.

Then click Leave Session








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