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Faculty - Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra


Faculty - Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra


This article will walk you through how to get started with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a web-based video conferencing tool that can be added in your Blackboard course. The tool can be used during Snow Days or to hold virtual office hours.

There are a few steps to take when getting started with this tool. This article will walk you through those steps, in order, so you can get started faster. Each step will direct you to the appropriate knowledgebase article so you can eliminate the amount of searching.


1. Add the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool to your Course

You will first need to add the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool to your course. Once the tool is added you will have access to the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra dashboard where you will be provided with a Course Room for your class. 



Faculty - Adding Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to your Course 

2. Edit the Session Settings

There are an array of options and settings you can add to your Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Course Room. Once you have added the tool, edit the session settings to meet your needs. There are no right or wrong answers when editing your settings. 

If you want students to have recording capabilities then you will want to set the Default Attendee Role under Session Settings to Moderator. 



 Faculty - Edit Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session Settings

3. Provide Directions to Students

Locate a space within your Blackboard course where you can insert links to the following knowledgebase articles to help students access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:


4. Accessing and Running a Session

Once you have added the tool to your course and edited your settings you are ready to access and run your session. You will access the Blackboard Collaborate Session the same way your students will access it (by clicking the tool link you added to your Course Navigation Menu). 

Click the session to access it and use the tools available in the session to share content, video, audio, and more. 

You can also record your session if you wish. 


 Faculty - Accessing Blackboard Collaborate Ultra


Faculty and Students - Recording a Blackboard Collaborate Session


Faculty - Access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Recordings





Additional Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Options


Below are some additional options for using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra if you wish. 

Note: The above steps are how you would commonly add Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to your course. 


1. Adding the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Tool to Groups in Blackboard

When creating Groups in Blackboard you have the ability to determine what tools you want each group to have access to. Some of those tools include a group discussion board, group blog, etc. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is also a tool option. This would give members of the group their own instance of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.



Faculty - Adding Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to Groups 

2. Creating Additional Sessions

You can create additional Blackboard Collaborate Sessions in addition to the default session created when the tool is added to your course. 



 Faculty - Creating Additional Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Sessions
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