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Faculty - Customizing a Retention Center Rule in Blackboard


Faculty - Customizing a Retention Center Rule in Blackboard


By default the Retention Center in Blackboard shows the following at-risk rules in the At Risk Table; missed deadlines, grades, course activity, and course access. All of these at-risk rules can be customized to fit your needs.  You can create new rules, delete rules, and edit existing rules. There is no limit to the number of rules you can create. You do not only have to create rules for when a student is at-risk. For example, you can create a rule for any time a student receives a grade above a certain percent in your course. 

This article will walk you through how to customize retention center rules.


1. Login to Blackboard and click the course you want to access. Under Course Management, click Evaluation then Retention Center. 



2. In the upper right-hand corner click Customize.


3. You will now see the Customize Retention Center table. The table shows you the following information:
  • Included in Risk Table - Is the rule included in the Risk Table?
  • Name - The name of the rule
  • Type - What type of rule is this (Course Activity Rule, Course Access Rule, Grade Rule, or Missed Deadline Rule)
  • Criteria - What criteria does the student have to meet to trigger the rule to appear?

4. To edit a rule, click the small down arrow under the Name column and click Edit. The following options will appear:
  • Edit - edit the rule name, if it should be included in the Risk Table, and the Rule Criteria
  • Include in Risk Table - Include this rule in the Risk Table
  • Exclude From Risk Table - Remove this rule from the Risk Table. Any rule removed from the Risk Table will appear on the Right Side Panel under Other information you are monitoring."
  • Delete - Delete the rule. If you delete a rule, the content will remain in tact. There is no risk to data if you delete a rule. You can always create a new rule or use the default settings to trigger alerts at any time. 

5. After you click Edit, you will be taken to the Modify Course Activity Rule page. You can edit the Rule Information and the Rule Criteria. Click Submit when you are finished.
  • Rule Information - Change the Rule Name and determine if you want the rule to be included or removed from the Risk Table.
  • Rule Criteria - You can change the rule criteria to trigger over time (weeks, days, months) after a certain percent is below or above average. 

6. Click Submit when you are finished.  



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