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Office 365 - What is Microsoft Office 365?


What is Microsoft Office 365?

All Montco registered students, faculty and staff have access to Office 365. Your Office 365 subscription allows you to download and use the full version of Microsoft Office Professional for Windows or Mac, or the versions of the Office Apps for iPad and Android.  The feature sets between Mac/Windows/iOS/Android are slightly different, but all available apps for each operating system are licensed for use.

The software will check in automatically to make sure you are still an active member of the community. If you aren’t able to log in for 30 days (for example, if you are not connected to the internet), the software will operate in read-only mode. You must connect to the internet and log in periodically to maintain your access.  

You can access Microsoft Office 365 directly by the link below.

Learn more about each of the Office 365 applications, their usage, and get resources in our knowledge base article entitled "Office 365: Overview of Microsoft Office Suite."

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