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Installing Microsoft Office for Home Use on Personal Devices


Installing Office 365 for Home Use on Personal Devices


The following article will show you how to install Office 365 to your personal device. Students, Faculty, and Staff can install Office 365 on up to 5 devices for free. 

Faculty - Do not use the Install Office function on your College desktop or laptop. If you do not have Office Software installed on your College desktop or laptop, please contact the Help Desk at or at 215-641-6495.


1. Login to MyMC3 (the portal) and click the Office 365 icon.

Note: If you do not see this icon, navigate to



Students: Office 365 icon 




2. Click Install Office in the upper right corner from the Office 365 dashboard.







3. From the drop down, click Office 365 apps.

Note: If you have a Windows operating system selecting this option will download an installer which will download Office 365 (depending on your computer's compatibility). If you have a Mac operating system, this will download the full install.







4. When prompted to sign-in, sign-in using your College email and password.

Note: If prompted to use a Personal/Microsoft or Business/Enterprise account, select Business/Enterprise.


Please Be Aware: 

Office 365 is a cloud service updated and maintained by Microsoft. As a cloud service, Microsoft can update and change features in Office 365 as needed. MCCC has little to no control over these changes and parts of this article may be incorrect after printing/publishing because of these updates. 

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