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SMARTBoard Pen settings

SMARTBoard© Pen Settings

This article will show you how to change pen or pen tool button settings.


1. Click on the Start button and search for "smart". Click on the SMART Board link under the Control Panel header.  
2. In the SMART Settings, click SMART Hardware Settings .
The upper area of the SMART control panel displays an image of the SMART product or products connected to the computer.
Press the image of the product with the settings you want to change.
3. Select Pen and Button Settings in the list.  
4. Press the button for the pen you want to customize.
The Properties dialog box appears.
By default, you are brought to "Fill Effects." Here you can adjust the transparency of the pen.
5. Press Line Style . Here, you can adjust the line color, thickness, style, start and end.  
6. Press Save Tool Properties to save your settings.  
7. Optionally, repeat steps 4 through 6 to customize other pens or pen tool buttons.  
8. Press OK to close the SMART control panel.  
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