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Science Center SMARTBoard Technology


Science Center SMARTBoard Technology


**This article will introduce you to the new SMARTBoards in Science Center**


1. To view your recent activity click the small white bar (A).

If you have multiple inputs (i.e. desktop and laptop) click B to toggle between them.

To view your most recent screen click on any of the screens shown in C.


2. To toggle back to the options in #1 click the small white bar at the bottom of the screen shown in A.

For more options click B.


For more information on how to use the SMARTBoard 7000 visit this site,

Adjusting SMARTBoard Ink Settings

1. Click on the bottom right ^ and then click the blue box with the white circle.  
2. Click SMART Settings.  
3. Click SMART Hardware Settings.  
4. You can click on the tip or eraser of each pen to adjust the ink or eraser width settings.  
5. When you click on the tip of the pen, click on Line Style to adjust specific settings.  

9. The light at the bottom of the pens indicates their charge status when not on the board.


10. The back of the pens can also be used as erasers in addition to the large eraser between the pens.

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